Exercise 3.3

Choose the correct form of the verb. Sometimes two forms are possible.

1. Do you like listen/ listening/ to listen to classical music?

2. My neighbours always agree look / looking/ to look after my cat when I’m away on business.

3. Penny learned skate/ skating/ to skate when she was only 5.

4. Steve offered help/ helping/ to help me with my report.

5. Kate doesn’t mind live/ living/ to live in a foreign country.

6. My mother always makes me do/ doing/ to do my homework before I go out.

7. The doctor suggested drink/ drinking/ to drink lots of still water.

8. I refused go out/ going out/ to go out with Mike. He’s so boring.

9. Where would you like spend/ spending/ to spend your holiday, Monica?

10. Pete didn’t feel like play/ playing/ to play tennis, so we went home.

11. We decided sell/ selling/ to sell our flat and move/ moving/ to move to the country.

12. I caught a cold yesterday, I keep sneeze/ sneezing/ to sneeze all the time.

13. It was getting dark, but they continued climb/ climbing/ to climb the mountain.

14. Please stop talk/ talking/ to talk. I’m trying to concentrate.

15. We can’t afford go/ going/ to go abroad this summer.

Exercise 3.4

Open the brackets and use the verb in the correct form. Sometimes you can use two forms.

1. Joan enjoys meeting (meet) new people.

2. Let me … (answer) your question. I’ve read a lot about it.

3. They dreamed of … (go) to Fiji on their honeymoon.

4. Don’t forget … (phone) me if you are late for dinner.

5. My granny is planning … (see) us this weekend.

6. Although Tom had a lot of practice, he failed … (pass) his driving test.

7. It stopped … (rain) and we went for a walk.

8. Susan hopes … (find) a new job soon.

9. Sandra apologized for…(borrow) my mobile without permission and promised never …(do) it again.

10. I don’t mind … (travel) by train but I prefer … (fly).

11. What do you want me … (cook) for dinner?

12. Bill is so funny! He always makes us … (laugh).

13. Mike started … (work) for this company 5 or 6 years ago.

14. My friend suggested … (go) bowling, but I didn’t think that was a good idea.

15. My son hates … (have) porridge for breakfast, he likes … (eat) his father’s bacon and eggs.