Assignments to Texts 1—5

1. Read the text.

2. Identify different types of a) lexical units in Text 1; b) attributive groups in Text 2; c) idioms in Text 3; d) grammatical forms and structures in Text 4; e) identify stylistically-marked units and stylistic devices in Text 5.

3. Review the possible ways of solving each particular problem involved.

4. Translate the text.

5. Check your translation against the suggested Russian translation of the text (pp. 123-126).

6. Classify the revealed discrepancies under the following headings:

(a) Minor variations requiring no alterations in your translation.

(b) Obvious errors in your translation due to wrong interpretations or unhappy choice of TL equivalents.

(c) Doubtful cases where the suggested text seems to be inferior to your own wording.

7. Correct (b) and discuss (c) with your teacher or fellow-students.

Text 1